May 24, 2003

RMN launches ops to prevent Acehnese from entering Malaysia

IPOH May 23 2003 - The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) will launch a major operation to prevent any intrusion by Acehnese into Malaysian waters.

RMN Public Relations Officer Leftenan Karimah Awi said the operation would begin on Wednesday at the RMN Shallow Jetty in Lumut and end the next day. The operation aimed to protect the national waters from intrusion by Acheh nationals following the war between the Indonesian National Military (TNI) and the Acheh Liberation Movement (GAM) in Acheh.

"Three RMN ships will be involved in the operation namely KD Laksamana Tan Pusmah, KD Handalan and KD Ganas as well as two Ecuiruell aircrafts," she said in a statement, here Friday. She said the operation was expected to involve 180 navy personnel and a RMN Special Force Team (Paskal).

Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri had declared a state of emergency in Acheh and launched major operations against the GAM after peace talks between the two parties in Tokyo, Japan had collapsed.

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