Aug 29, 2018

Royal Malaysian Navy elite portrayed in Adrian Teh’s action flick ‘Paskal’


Paskal director Adrian Teh (right) hopes to inspire the audience with the bravery and heroism of members of the elite Royal Malaysian Navy task force. Photo: The Star/Muhammad Shahril Rosli

Director Adrian Teh is taking on the monumental task of helming Paskal, an action movie inspired by the bravery and heroism of the elite Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) force.
At a recent launch in Kuala Lumpur, Teh shares what he hopes to achieve with the project: “When I did my research on Paskal, which is an elite team in the Royal Malaysian Navy that focuses on special operations, I was amazed by the stories of their successful missions.
“I was wondering how come most of us are not aware of this? That’s when I decided to make this movie to let the audience see what members of Paskal can do.”
The RM10mil production by Asia Tropical Films include GSC Cinemas and Multimedia Entertainment as investors.
Later this month, Teh and his team will embark on a two-month shoot at locations in Kuala Lumpur, a TLDM base at Lumut in Perak, Sabah and Morocco for the movie, which is scheduled for release next year.
His cast include the likes of Hairul Azreen who plays Lieutenant Commander Arman Anwar, Ammar Alfian as rebellious team member Jeb and Henley Hii as fellow team member Joshua.
The movie also includes Mixed Martial Arts fighter Theeban Govindasamy who will be making his acting debut as Misi.
It took Teh three months to assemble his main cast members. Then he made them undergo a three-day intensive Navy training in Lumut.
The cast had to take swimming lessons, knife training as well as learn to assemble weapons like a soldier. Teh also required some of them to lose weight to achieve a leaner look.
Actor Ammar, who is known for his muscular physique, had to shed as much as 20kg. “It was difficult at first. I had to change my diet … and then things got easier,” he said.

Action-Packed Film

Although Teh made his name through romantic offerings like Ice Kacang Puppy Love and The Wedding Diary, he is sure he will be able to handle an action flick like Paskal.
“I really want to raise the bar on action movies in Malaysia. That’s why I want my team to go through a series of training sessions so they can really immerse themselves in their roles.
“At the same time, Paskal is a story about friendship and these sessions should help my cast members form a sense of brotherhood,” Teh added.
Paskal will feature two rescue missions inspired by real-life events in Angola back in 1998 and the MT Bunga Laurel hijacking in 2011.

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