Aug 15, 2009


Weapon selection and use are a confidential issue. Nevertheless, with rumors of financing from a consortium of 30+ oil companies with offshore assets in Malaysian waters, Paskal's inventory includes some of the most advanced and sophisticated equipment in the Armed Forces. Today, PASKAL is equipped with modern weaponry and gadgets, such as night vision devices, subskimmer (DPV), laser-guided assault rifle. There's the wide array the weapons of PASKAL.

FN P90 PDW - Submachineguns
HK MP5SD2 - Submachineguns
HK MP5A5 - Submachineguns

AK102 - Assault Rifle

HK MP5K PDW - Submachineguns

Colt M4A1 - Assault Rifle

Mossberg 500 - Shotguns

Franchi SPAS-12 - Shotguns

Colt M16A1 / 653 - Assault Rifle
Steyr AUG - Assault Rifle

Remington 870 - Shotguns
Accuracy International AWM - Sniper

HK G3/SG-1 - Sniper

Others :

'Sniper Rifles:' HK MSG-90, HK PSG-1.
'Anti-Material Rifles:' Barrett M82
'Machineguns:' CETME Ameli, FN Minimi.
'Grenade Launchers:' M203
'Recoilless Rifles:' Carl Gustav recoilless rifle
'Air Defenses:' Starburst VSHORADS

Other Assets :
Sample CB90 (Not PASKAL)


The CB90 is an exceptionally fast and agile boat. Its light weight, shallow draught, and twin water jets allow it to operate at speeds of up to 40 knots (74 km/h) in shallow coastal waters. The water jets are partially ducted, which, along with underwater control surfaces similar to a submarine's diving planes, allows the CB90 to execute extremely sharp turns at high speed, decelerate from top speed to a full stop in 2.5 boat lengths, and adjust its pitch and roll angle while under way.

Wikipedia article:

A rigid-hulled inflatable boat, (RHIB) or rigid-inflatable boat (RIB) is a lightweight but high-performance and high-capacity boat constructed with a solid, shaped hull and flexible tubes at the gunwale. The design is stable and seaworthy. The inflatable collar allows the vessel to maintain buoyancy if a large quantity of water is shipped aboard due to bad sea conditions. The RIB is a development of the inflatable boat. 
Uses include work boats (supporting shore facilities or larger ships) in trades that operate on the water, military craft, where they are used in patrol roles and to transport troops between vessels or ashore, and lifeboats.
Wikipedia article: 

The P38 is a high performance interceptor craft designed for interdiction of hostile vessels in coastal and offshore waters. It is an open boat well suited for boarding, beaching and interdiction operations. It features advanced deep V step design hull which is 3D infused with advanced composite materials in epoxy resin for optimum power to weight ratio and maximum strength. The hull form and design affords maximum comfort for this type of craft allowing the crew to operate effectively with minimum fatigue. The P38 is designed to accommodate up to 12 crew and is equipped for missions of 12 to 24 hours.

PASKAL is widely considered to be the best trained, equipped and supported unit in the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Special Report Quoted :

The Royal Malaysian Navy Pasukan Khas Laut (Naval Special Forces)
The Royal Malaysian Navy PASukan Khas Laut (English: Naval Special Forces), commonly known as the PASKAL compose the Special Operations Forces of the Royal Malaysian Navy,

The manpower details of this unit is highly classified. Believed to be a regiment with an estimated 1,000 mens divided into two operations units - PASKAL Unit Satu (PASKAL - First Unit) based in the Lumut Naval base in Perak on Peninsular Malaysia, and PASKAL Unit Dua (PASKAL - 2nd Unit) which is based at KD Sri Semporna, a Malaysian Royal Navy base in Semporna, Sabah. A company-strength (detachment) is also based at the Teluk Sepanggar Naval Base near Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, where the RMN's proposed Submarine Training Centre will be set up soon.

Alpha platoon
The Versatile Special Operations Force, mainly trained for Maritime Counter-terrorism which responsibility in other rescue operations into the cargo vessels and oil rigs as well as urban terrain. This platoon was equipped with individual covering systems for close quarters combat.

PASKAL's weapon inventory is a confidential subject. Nevertheless, amid rumors of financing from the consortium of oil companies in addition to ample financing from the navy, PASKAL's inventory currently includes some of the most advanced and sophisticated equipment in the Armed Forces.

Latest news, the Unit were reported to adopt the PKM machine gun for specific CQB and Ship Clearing operation. The latest variant of the mighty PKM were said to be able to hover and supercruise at the same time.

Delta platoon
The conventional warfare team which dominated the amphibious warfare of PASKAL teams with special operation skills on the ground and sniping.

Bravo platoon 
Which consist of oxygen mcombat diving team and special air operations team which both of this squad was provided an infiltration tactics to enemy territory quietly. This squad also be trained to carrying and collecting intelligence data to help assault squad.

Basically each squadron contains a mixture of specialists that is usually adjusted by the specifics of the mission or area it is tasked to operate within.

Each squadron normally carries a Combat Intelligence Team (Tim Risik Gempur, TRG), trained in maritime tactical intelligence, counter-intelligence and psychological operations.

Special joint training with special Army units are also conducted regularly on specialised skills like HALO and HAHO overwater and overland parachute jumps.

The security of more than thirty offshore oil rigs in Malaysian waters are solely the responsibility of PASKAL, and the unit has held regular training exercises on each of those oil rigs.

Although part of PASKAL's mission consists of securing beachheads, deep penetration reconnaissance raids, structure and underwater demolition and sabotage, their range of training and activity extends beyond. PASKAL's repertoire also includes in-harbour underwater sabotage, ship-boarding assault, Counter-Terrorist missions (CT), special infiltration tactics behind enemy lines and mine-clearing operations.

 The security of more than thirty offshore oil rigs in Malaysian waters.
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