Sep 17, 2018

5 Reasons Why 'PASKAL' Will Be The Most Explosive Local Movie This Year

By Nicholas Chow

5 Reasons Why 'PASKAL' Will Be The Most Explosive Local Movie This Year

Be prepared to be blown away!

A great Malaysian-made military movie doesn't come along very often, but that's about to change really, really soon.

Come 27 September, the highly-anticipated local movie 'PASKAL: The Movie' will be shooting its way into cinemas.

Starring Hairul Azreen, Ammar Alfian and Henley Hii, the movie follows a Lieutenant Commander from Pasukan Khas Laut (PASKAL) as he navigates the dangerous aspects of being a military man and at the same time, dealing with loss and betrayal.

We've been treated to an early screening of the movie, and while we can't divulge too much about the movie, we are very certain that 'PASKAL: The Movie' will be the most explosive local film to hit cinemas this year.

Here's why:

#1 It's based on one of Malaysia's most elite military units

The men in black.
The men in black.

If you have not heard of PASKAL before this, don't worry; we haven't either - until we watched the movie. PASKAL is one of Malaysia's - if not the world's - most elite military units.

Not only are they the best at conducting small-unit maritime military operations, they are also adept at jungle warfare, guerrilla and counter-guerilla warfare, hostage rescue and even counter-terrorism. Be it on land, the sea or the sky, if you did something bad, they will hunt you down.

In fact, PASKAL members are so highly-skilled and their reputation is so well-respected, a host of military units around the world, including the US Navy Seal, would come all the way to Malaysia just to train with the team. Check out the insane physical challenges they have to go through if they want to join this group of really scary men.

#2 The movie was inspired by true events

Based on a true story.
PIC: Youtube
Based on a true story.
We've seen our fair share of 'based on true story' films over the years, but how often do we see one from Malaysia? 'PASKAL: The Movie' will change that. The director of the film, Adrian Teh, told us that the movie is inspired by two off-the-radar but very successful PASKAL missions.

One involves the re-possession of a chemical tanker which was hijacked by pirates in the Indian Ocean in what the military called 'the perfect mission'.

The other involves the rescue of several rescue volunteers by a PASKAL member after their convoy was attacked by a group of gun-wielding men in Angola. Here's a fun fact: the PASKAL member managed to rescue the volunteers despite not having a firearm to defend himself.

#3 It features real-life PASKAL members

One of the coolest parts about the movie is that it's not just based on the life of PASKAL members, they are literally the stars of the movie too. Director Adrian told us that instead of using cameo actors, he's decided to feature real-life PASKAL soldiers in the movie to make the scenes more believable.

So, if you see some muscular, mean-looking dudes on screen during the movie, yep, they are probably PASKAL members.

#4 The actors performed their own stunts

Real men do their own stunts, right? Director Adrian revealed to us that the main actors in the film, especially Hairul Azreen and Ammar Alfian, performed their own stunts in the film. One of the most challenging stunts in the film involves the actors being dumped into a pool with their hands and legs tied, and both Hairul and Ammar were required to free themselves underwater.

To prepare for their roles, Director Adrian said the actors spent a few weeks training and living like a PASKAL trainee at their base camp in Lumut, Perak. They were also put through actual PASKAL physical training, such as operating firearms and basic jungle survival.

Judging by the injuries suffered by the actors (Ammar actually ruptured his eardrum performing a stunt), you know the film is going to be amazing.

#5 Everything is real!

Perhaps the most impressive bit about the movie is that the production crew went to great lengths to ensure that what you see on screen is as real as it gets. That means that every gun, every bullet fired, the physical trainings and the military code of conduct are the real deal.

Director Adrian revealed that they always have a firearm expert and a PASKAL liaison on set to ensure everything they do mirrors the real life, from the way they hold the guns to the military salutes. Nothing is made up (well, except for the plot twist in the film).

The Super Lynx 300 helicopter and the KD Tunku Abdul Rahman submarine you saw in the trailer? Yep, those are real military assets used by the PASKAL team for their missions.

So, are you guys excited to catch 'PASKAL: The Movie' when it premieres?

'PASKAL: The Movie' will be released in local cinemas on 27 September 2018, so you still have time to plan a movie night with all your buddies. 

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